Monday, May 21, 2012

Divine Puzzle

I had a wonderfully active week!  Full of my favorite things.  Which was lovely.  Just lovely.

My friend Johnnie took me to dinner at 25 Degrees the other night.  Well, now, you know I love that place.  We got a small carafe of Malbec wine, something I've lately discovered, Malbec.  And I remembered again that I love it when wine is served in carafes.  And we split a veggie burger with portobello mushrooms and blue cheese that was so mouthwateringly delicious.  Johnnie shares my fondness for cheese, and we have braved some interesting ones together in our dining history.  A long and storied history that has been.  And I'm glad I made that friend so many years ago.

I also wandered up to the night-time farmer's market again this week.  Which, I'm realizing, is becoming a weekly thing for me so maybe I should stop writing about it, except, it's just so amazing up there and every time it's different and even when I go by myself I am pulled into such a lush and majestic experience that hinges on overwhelming me with gratitude that it just seems to merit a nod of thanks every time I go.  I mean, I kind of can't get over the fact that I have all of that right up the hill from me every week for four months a year.  And we're starting season three of this thing!  And I still can't get over it!  So that answers that question.  Jaded, I am not.  Forever starry eyed, yes.   Though I think we've already figured that one out.

Again, though.  Impressed.  This time the jazz band wasn't there and in it's stead there was a really good, instrumental country band playing.  So I was walking around gathering carrots, and avocados, and hummus, and felt transported to some sort of old-fashioned town festival.  Whatever I think old-fashioned town festivals felt like, well, I sure hope they were like that, because those people would have had some fun!  It's just so nice to go somewhere and be immersed in such a joyful and bustling crowd.  Outside.  Above the shimmering city.  Oh, here I go.  Just, I love it.

Then, I was lucky enough to have my AT&T friend join me in the park for badminton two afternoons in a row!  Happiness.   That's just one of my favorite sports of all time.  And I don't quite know why.   Because it's a funny one.  I don't know if it's because I have mad skills or if it's my association with lawn parties of old, but I could play it every day.  Maybe, though, I just love running around in the grass barefoot in the shade of the trees in the park getting exercise and laughing.  

Maybe that's why it was such a good week for me, actually.  Because I spent a lot of time outside.  I need the trees and stars and breeze and flowers.  And, this week, I got the ocean, too.

I had to go to Manhattan Beach the other day and so I sat for a while watching the water, reminiscing about the time I spent living there.  That was the first town I landed in when I moved to LA.  My god, I would never have believed that I would end up in Hollywood some day, so happy.  When I lived there, I pretty much just surfed and enjoyed the company of my friends before we quite understood that we had to figure out the real world and that there would be confusion to come, but also, before we knew that all of that confusion would lead us somewhere, and, I believe, somewhere good.

I've been thinking about that a lot this week.  The paths our lives take, and how all of the twists and turns and unanticipated and unplanned events seem to lead us to the right place anyway.  Which is why I really trust it by now.  Because I've long watched it fall into place eventually.  

I believe it enough that I created a term for it long ago.  I call it the divine puzzle.  Because that's what it all began to feel like for me at some point.  Once I really analyzed it looking back, it just struck me.  I can almost take any single event and see how it had to be there in order for my existence to be intact.  And sometimes, it just blows my mind, and I'm just like, wait, how did it know back then that I needed that for today to happen?  And that's why I call it divine.  

It's just remarkable, watching it work somehow.  It's kind of like, just wait, you'll see.  There is something beautiful there, but we need to gather some more of the pieces before we can see that part of the picture.  Which is why I am patient with my life.  And so enamored by it. 

These pieces of my life are creating this masterpiece.  

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