Thursday, September 10, 2015


There’s a memory we all have and it’s of my dad and how he would come up right behind you and wrap one of his arms around you. Arms that built our home. Arms that chopped the wood to keep our two sweet fireplaces glowing all winter. Arms that plowed the driveway and made the best steel cut oatmeal every morning that mostly no one ate. Arms that made pancakes from scratch on the regular and whisked milk for cappuccinos and drummed on the tables and hung upside down on yoga ropes and dug out sled runs on the hillside and fixed all the cars and gave you presents and wrapped a scarf so cozy around your neck before you left the house. Arms that pulled on your toes to wake you up in the morning and waved to all of the locals when we would go downtown to get the paper and you could see in their eyes that they felt lucky to know him while you felt so lucky to be able to have him come up and wrap one of those arms around you and hold you close. And in that place, with his strong arm around you, everything was good and safe, and you were loved more than any single thing on the whole planet. 


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    1. Sharing this again on my FB page - Thank you sweetheart -- And you are such a precious girl and gifted writer -- Your daddy loves you forever -- and so do I --

  2. Sweet daughter of ours -- So tender and beautiful and yes, so true. Beautiful, thank you for sharing your love with us all. We love you -- always and forever.

  3. so true, and you could not have stated it better.