Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Embark

In light of the fact that I might end up waiting forever to have the time and funds to take off and travel the world and write about my experiences, I've devised a new plan.  Here it is. This better, more realistic plan. Stay here, and write about that. And why have I not thought of this before? Ah! Probably because putting something off is sometimes so appealing. A great excuse not to do something is a safe and trusting companion. "I would write, only I can't make it around the world just yet."  

Screw it. Courage, I am yours. I am not going to wait anymore. I will stay here. I will stay here in LA. I will stay with my life just as it is, and experience it and write about it. A journey that is readily at hand. The one I have already been on for so long. 

So maybe I won't get to have a week-long love affair in Barcelona, but who's to say I won't have that week-long love affair with a Spaniard right here on the firma terra of this wildly interesting, this often magical place? And perhaps I will not be blessed by the Ganges any time soon, but what if I find a waterfall in Malibu that will bless me just as well? And I may not snorkel off the shores of Argentina, but I get to be here, right here, and I get to live.

I will no longer be prey to the grass being greener syndrome. Oh, no, I will not! Sign me up for life here. Let's see what I have to say about that. I want to dig into the world ever more, the rugged ragged illuminated confusing world, the mischief, the joy, the heartbreak, the freedom, all of it. I am ready…well, reluctantly, because I'm also scared as hell to begin. It takes some serious bravery to share yourself, really who you are, completely, entirely. Bless those who do it. Me, I'm scared. 

But, I have a fool-proof idea, for, interestingly, this creative spirit, she responds well to structure. Thus, I will fuel this correspondence about my voyage in the life of myself with weekly outings. I imagine, knowing me as I do, that I won't much write about the places themselves, but the destinations will get me out into the world and offer a starting point from which my thoughts and musings can materialize. They will be intentional fodder, but If something arises that I simply must write about, don't you worry, I won't hold out on you. You, the lovely void to which I write, and, some day, maybe, real, actual people!

And so, I embark. 

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