Monday, December 5, 2011


Again, this week, no proper outing.  And I tried, I did try.  I was supposed to go to the MOCA downtown with my friend Chris.  He bailed, as happens regularly in LA, but he had good reason and was not happy about it.  Plumbing and cell phone issues.  And I will admit that I am guilty of flaking as well now, as it is a learned custom of life in Los Angeles.  Which totally makes sense here, because it takes a lot to do anything with anyone.  No one lives conveniently nearby, there's always the matter of time and transportation and parking and getting home and traffic and every detail in between because we are just too spread out.  And you just sort of adapt to making plans and having them fall through.  In fact, you almost anticipate it.

But it's funny, because I watch life a lot.  And I know that people always say that everything happens for a reason, but I don't know if they really know the reasons.  I swear I do, because I always observe things as they happen after a roadblock or hurdle or change of plans, to see where it leads, and things seem to truly happen for reasons that I can actually explain when all is said and done, because I've watched it.  Just give it a while, and if you watch it too, you will always see why.  I think understanding life takes a lot more patience than we think.  But the sum total, it's going to be perfect.  

Chris and I ended up going to the Solar de Cahuenga Cafe later that day, after everything was in order in his life (well, I wouldn't say everything, but a couple of things...little by little, my dear, we battle through this life).  And I must give him major credit for the same day raincheck, as it usually takes weeks before a plan is rehashed in LA.  That cafe has long been a nearby, favorite, all hours sort of spot for me.  It's most recently been my local internet post these couple of weeks, as I have had a very difficult time getting internet transferred to my new place.  Chris doesn't have internet where he lives, god knows why, and so it was a mutual gain.  

Solar de Cahuenga is a very cool locale for internet use, I've now gathered.  And it's been fun to go there during my apartment transition because the crowd is interesting and everyone seems to be doing something of value, or at least that they care about, or at least that takes a lot of time and concentration.  I try not to, but I can't help but glance at the computer screens as I walk to my table, and it seems like no one is just browsing the internet, but doing something rather substantial, like typing and editing and making things.  I don't know, but that's how it looks.  Which I love, because it's like an enterprising place.  And they serve really really good sweet potato fries.  That's a plus.

So that night, we, of course, were the only ones just browsing the internet.   And at some point we decided that we were going to get tattoos together and I drew mine out on my wrist because I've just been waiting for the day, and then at some point we decided to take a trip to Mexico City in the near future.  And we researched and we have a plan.  So that was productive, because those are things I will definitely be able to write about when they happen.

Anyway, the things happening for a reason trajectory.  That night, I called AT&T to figure out where my internet was, and it was supposedly on it's way, by last night at the latest.  But I didn't get it last night.  So I called them again and apparently the order was re-set on my last conversation and won't get here for a few more days.  But the beauty of the inquiry was that at the end of our chat (I get pretty chatty with representatives), the guy on the other end, Joe, thanked me for my wonderful spirit.  And he said that he needed something like that in his job to make it worth it and that I brought meaning to his holiday season.  I mean, seriously, the AT&T representative liked my spirit, and shamelessly told me so in those new-age words, even though it's recorded and everything.  Now that's a reason.  

A small inconvenience in my own life led to a much greater happiness in someone else's.  And I've always believed that if you are just really good to people and really open, you can seriously change their lives.  Even if it's just that they will be good to someone else, or feel a small sense of joy or, like Joe said, meaning.  That is so much more important to me than having my internet up and running.  I'll wait, happily and patiently. 

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